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"Ten years ago, I was unhealthy and had zero self esteem..."

I am a yo-yo dieting expert. Not because of any courses I took or any certifications I have, but because I lived it.

Through my twenties, I went from being over-weight and unhealthy to then being a complete fitness fanatic with a six-pack, recording every gram of food I ate, and then after my first baby, back  to overweight again - plus add a few layers of stress. None of these were life-styles I enjoyed.

I've gone through almost every diet, program and yes, even diet pills available. I may have lost a few pounds here and there, and even said the words "I'll never gain it back again" but NOTHING gave me the permanent solution I was looking for.

My biggest low came in my early 30s, a couple years after my daughter was born. I was roughly 40lbs overweight and my self-esteem had hit rock bottom.

I had absolutely no energy to play with my daughter and my health and spirit were at all-time lows.

I would joke that my closet looked like a department store because of all the different sizes but I was devastated and embarrassed that I had let myself get so run down and out of shape.

I realized that I couldn't keep going on this way. My attitude and health were affecting my family. Something had to change.

"I was watching my life zoom past me and I didn't  want to waste any more time being unhealthy."

I  returned to exercise on a regular basis and generally started paying more attention to what I was eating, without the craziness I was doing before. And I read ... A LOT.

I then acquired an accountability coach who I checked in with on a regular basis. Within a matter of weeks, my energy was improving and the weight started to come off - with no counting of calories at all ... I was thrilled!

I won't lie and say it was easy because it certainly was not. But because I was doing this the sensible way, I wasn't feeling deprived or exhausted.

Best of all, it was working!

"Deep inside I knew I wanted to help other  people live healthy and happy lives."

The biggest inspiration came about 6 months later in early 2007 when I was working out in the local gym. I was meeting a lot of fitness instructors and trainers because I was so incredibly interested in what they did for a living. One of them asked me why I didn't train people, "because I obviously knew my stuff". I first brushed it off, laughted and said no, "I could never train other people."

I went home that night and asked myself, "Why can't I do this?!?" I do love everything fitness and the thought of helping other people certainly appealed to me. It was a sense of purpose I was craving. 

At that point I decided to get certified and I've never looked back!

And it just kept getting better from there...

I opened my own business in 2010 and knew that it had to be something that could make a difference. Yes, it was about helping people losing weight and getting strong, but it had to be more than that ... I had to be more than that.

The dream quickly turned into one-on-one personal training sessions and small groups, grew with the addition of Stroller Fit Classes, Mom & Baby Classes, Fitness Boot Camps, Prenatal Fitness Classes and Workshops.

In 2011, the online program was launched and since then, I have helped hundreds of people, just like you, learn what it takes to be healthy and fit. The results have been outstanding and I am now working with people all over Canada, helping them discover that boundless energy, trim and strong muscles and a strong body and mind is achievable for everyone!And in true fashion, my love for forever learning continues. In 2017, I signed up for a 200HR Yoga Teacher program and in July 2018, became a certified Yoga Teacher (Kripalu).

"Nothing is more important than still being allowed to live a normal life."

I have something unique that many trainers out there don't have. I've been in the shoes of the majority of my clients. I'm STILL in those shoes at times so I totally get it when someone tells me they are tired or their day got away from them and before they knew it, they were falling into bed. 

I am a busy mom of three (14, 7 and 5!), I have a busy career, I love food, I don't always love to exercise and sometimes preparing meals is just too much work when you are trying to get everyone out the door to their activities. I get it!

But I also know that in order for you to lose weight and keep it off, you have to find something that really works for you.

So it became my mission to put together programs that would work for real people with real lives so you can find REAL RESULTS.

"I simply LOVE helping people reach their goals."

Over the last 10 years, I have studied from some of North America’s top personal trainers, nutritionists, and doctors to create my programs, including the one-on-one sessions, small groups, fitness classes and the popular Online 8-Week Body Transformation Challenge.

Through training and coaching hundreds of people, I've created some of the most effective systems to help you melt fat away and create a tighter physique, without spending hours in the gym or leaving you hungry. Win-Win!

The strategies I teach are ones that will maximize your results while allowing you to eat real food and spend time where it matters the most, with your family.

I consistently see clients generate amazing results. They discover that shaping their body is realistic and doesn't have to be difficult. They discover they can exercise safely and overcome injuries. They discover that with consistent work and accountability, they can have more energy and strength then they knew was possible.

Check out their testimonials here!!

The people who enroll in my programs notice, even after only the first few weeks, their energy levels increasing while their waist line shrinking. But more important than anything, they notice their moods getting better and they are feeling better about themselves....they feel empowered

So even if you have never tried to lose weight before, you've been stuck in this rut for a long time, or you have tried every diet out there, my programs, my accountability and a kind but firm kick in the butt can get started on the right track now.

And now here we are at the beginning of 2019! Each new new I take some time to look at last and decide how I want to move forward. I have a couple new plans for myself personally and my business in the works and I'll keep you posted on my news page and social media pages when they happen. I'm excited to see where this year takes us and I do hope we'll be doing this together.  I've been struggling with my Word of the Year for 2019 - something I like to do every year. There are so many things near and dear to my heart (growth, acceptance, release) but the one word I keep coming back to is Value. Not only recognizing my own value and worth, but PROVIDING more value to you. ❤️ Now I just have to figure out what they looks like!

I can't wait to join you on your own journey to wellness!

~ Deborah



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Deborah Hann
Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach
Certified Personal Training Specialist
Nutrition & Weight Loss Specialist
Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist
Kripalu 200HR Yoga Teacher 

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