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The next 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge will begin on Monday, January 13th. Be sure to add your name to our distribution list to be notified as soon as registration open and catch any discounts and early bird bonuses!

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 Thank you for your interest in the 8-Week ONLINE Body Transformation Challenge.

 Our next challenge will begin on Monday, January 13th

WOW!! WOW!! I wish I could begin to express my gratitude for all our participants over the last couple of years! My challenges continue to fill and I feel my heart could burst when I think of all the women who saw incredible changes...in only EIGHT WEEKS!!! The results were incredibly inspiring!!

My guess is you have found this page because you have seen some of those transformations on my social media accounts or know someone who participated in the program and had fantastic results. So, now it is YOUR turn! The next challenge starts in just a couple of weeks and I am very excited to get started on this journey with you.

This program has been filling faster and faster each time it runs and because I want to make this program as personalized as I can for each person, I absolutely MUST limit the number of registrations. So please be sure to register early and when you do, you'll also receive the Early Bird Bonus. And of course, everyone who participates fully in the program will have a chance to WIN their entire registration!


So here's the thing. I GET IT!!

I get it when you tell me you are fed up with not feeling healthy. I get it when you are fed up with not having enough energy to get through the day. I know what it is like to be pissed off when you get dressed and feel miserable in your clothes or don't want anyone to take a photo of you. I get it because I've been there. It's a miserable place to be and I've made it my mission to help as many women as possible escape the regret, the guilt and the self-loathing once and for all.

Enough is enough! It's time to make a change and that change is going to happen RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW!!

The next 8-Week ONLINE Body Transformation Challenge will begin on September 9, 2019.

This means that by the end of September, you can see significant changes in your energy. By mid-October, your clothes will start to feel better and you'll be amazed at how great you are feeling. And by mid November (hello Christmas parties!!!), you can be down 10-20lbs and a couple of dress sizes...and feeling amazing!!

Others have done it on the same program I will give you and I KNOW you can do it too! 





Here is what you will receive during the 8-Week Body Transformation Challenge


You will receive the Journey to Wellness Body Transformation handbook, a pdf download that will be emailed after you register. This Handbook includes over 50 pages of PRACTICAL information on how you can implement changes into your life to start seeing results within weeks or even days.

The sensible yet flexible Meal Plan provides you with a step by step breakdown of what kind of foods to eat and when. You will also find daily menu examples, plenty of food choices that will never leave you hungry and allows you to eat REAL food that you probably already have in your kitchen. Everything is laid out for you so it is easy to follow.

You will also receive written short but effective fitness programs for each day of the week, complete with photos, descriptions and online demonstration videos so you can be absolutely sure you are performing the exercises properly.

In training hundreds of people just like you, I've honed this system to be the most effective way to transform your body and get results.

During this time, I've also learned that different people require extra support, guidance and slightly more personalized programs based on physical limitations or exercise experience, so I've added several key support approaches to help you apply the system properly and get the most value.

Your BONUS support resources include...


 An introductory LIVE webinar so I can personally go through everything that is expected of you and you can ask me as many questions as you need!

 7 "Baby Steps" emails and videos that will be delivered directly to your inbox for the first seven days of the challenge to help you learn the major components of the Transformation Challenge. With each area broken down, then giving you a day to focus on just that area, you'll be 100% comfortable with each new step you are taking towards a fit life and body.

This will also be the time to ask questions through direct emails with me (or even a phone call if you feel you need it) where I can help you truly understand how each stage works. I never want you to feel overwhelmed and I never want to leave you guessing.

 √ Full Access to the Journey to Wellness Club Website. This will be your home base for as long as you are in the program and here you will find everything you need to complete your workouts, make your meal plans and stay accountable.

In order for you to succeed reaching your goals, you need to feel confident about what is being asked of you. The private website gives you access to instructional fitness videos including strength training demonstrations, workouts, interval soundtracks and MORE! Videos are added regularly to help you perform the exercises properly and keep you from getting bored.

The website also includes over 50 healthy and metabolism boosting recipes (ever-growing), hands-on material to help you with goal setting, meal planning and exercise schedule, plus shopping lists, meal & activity logs, sample meal plans and check lists. There is no guess work. Every step is there!

 Unlimited Email Support where you get deeper guidance and support to help you reach your goals. And I do truly mean 'unlimited'. If you have a question about any aspect of the program or need guidance for absolutely anything, you can email me directly for support. As much as you need. With this support, you'll come away with a complete understanding of the material and what is expected of you. This is not a program that you purchase and then left on your own to figure it out (there are A LOT of those programs are out but this is NOT one of them. If you are ever unsure, please email me. My passion is to share everything you need to know in order to be successful.  

 Regular Challenges sent directly to your Inbox. In order to keep your goals fresh in your mind and a level of excitement for each and every day as a Journey to Wellness member, your membership will also come with regular challenges that will be delivered directly to your email. You'll be surprised how much you look forward to the challenges and I look forward to the day when you wake realizing that fitness and healthy eating can be fun ... when did that happen!? That's when you know you'll never be out-of-shape or unhealthy again.

 Access to the Private Support Group on Facebook can serve as one of your most important tools on this journey. This private group is a community of members, just like you, who have struggled in the past but are working their way towards a life of healthy eating and wellness. There is a great feeling knowing that you can connect with other people on the same path as you. This Facebook group is a place where you can share your struggles, celebrate your successes and just be a place to feel as though you are not alone on your journey. You may even be surprised how often you may just be able to help someone else with something you've already learned!

 Video Coaching Sessions & Live Webinars so you never have to feel in the dark. Log on to the webinars to ask questions and find out what others are asking. They may have a question or suggestion that could trigger something in you to push that little bit harder!

 Accountability!!! I used the extra exclamation marks for a reason! Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the more accountable you are, the more successful you will be. Sometimes you feel you are doing everything right but unless you know there is someone there to double check your workouts and meals or ask you what you've done, slipping up can be a little too easy. Or perhaps you're making little mistakes that you don't even realize you are doing, or there may be a way to just make life easier.

If you're at all unclear about what your meals and days should look like, you are going to love this bonus. By having a professional hold you accountable to your plans, you will reach your goals much faster than doing it on your own. Accountability with weekly reporting including option food journals or tracking reports that I will personally review will help keep you focused. I will respond to your journals to help keep you on track, make changes where necessary and help you make the most of the food you eat. You will not be doing this alone – you will have the support and encouragement you need to succeed.

** I want you to get the attention you deserve but the only way I will be able to do this is if I limit the number of people who can join. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

 The next 8-Week Body Transformation will begin on Monday, September 9th.





Something inside is telling you this may be what you are looking for but you're still not sure? This program is for you if...


 You have tried (and given up) endless diets and programs, trying to find just the one that will give you the lasting results you want.

 You feel frustrated when you lose a couple of pounds only to gain them right back within weeks or even days

 You are tired of feeling hungry whenever you start a new 'diet' (which is more often than you want to admit)

 You jump on the Monday "Starting Over" bandwagon, only to lose momentum by Wednesday.

 You are SICK of feeling unhealthy and having no energy to live the life you (and your family) deserve.

 You are ready for someone to hold you accountable. There is nothing like knowing someone will be checking in with you each week to keep you on your toes.

 You are overwhelmed and confused with the never-ending diets, weight loss books, detoxes, and fasts.

 You are are tired of handing over $100s and $1000s of dollars to the diet industry without seeing any results. Or more likely, you see results but as soon as you stop buying the shakes or supplements, the weight comes back with a vengeance!

 You are hesitant about exercising because you are not sure what you need to do, how to do it or when to do it

 All past attempts to lose weight have been disappointing and you don't know how to turn things around

It's easy to become trapped in the vicious cycle of doing something drastic, losing a few pounds, getting exhausted (and hungry), giving up...only to find yourself right back where you started within a matter of months (or even weeks).

It's hard to even imagine a program that would actually give you the results you want and still live a 'normal' life with your family. I know what it is like and you're not alone.

Whether you are new to fitness and this is your first time trying any sort of program, or you have tried every diet available and are ready to see permanent results, this investment in yourself is exactly what you need.

So now the question you have been scrolling down for!

If you were to hire a personal trainer at a gym or even a small business, just the fitness and/or nutrition program could cost you hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars with a huge time commitment - taking away your hard earned dollars and precious time. But for this program, where I will give you every tool you need to see the changes you have been looking for, including the accountability and support for the ENTIRE eight weeks is only $197 $97. That works out to just $12 per week (even less if you get in during the early bird deadline)!!

When you consider what I am including in this program, it is a tiny investment compared to the cost you would pay for a gym membership and/or personal trainer. How much do you spend on take out or coffee each week? Or worse, what is the cost of your happiness being stripped away for more years or struggling?

Seriously, at this price, can you afford not to scoop up this opportunity?

Let’s get shedding those pounds and inches, increasing energy and creating a tight and toned physique that you only dreamed possible! Your dream body is waiting for you, and NOW is the time to take action. 

If you're still not sure if this will work for you, please be sure to read through the success stories below – these are REAL people just like you who once found themselves looking through this very page. They said YES to making a change and these are their REAL results.

Join the 8 Week Transformation Challenge starting 
September 9th for
only $197

As if this all wasn't enough to get you in the best shape of your life, I am going to give you a little motivation to boost your chances of succeeding!


That's right, you will have the opportunity to 
WIN your entire registration cost back! Stick to the program, participate in challenges and submit your journals and I will award the top two members (results AND participation points tabulated) a full refund of their membership!! Seriously, what do you have to lose?! 


It just keeps getting better! If you sign up before the Early Bird Deadline of 11:59pm atlantic time on Tuesday, September 3, you will receive an extra TWO weeks absolutely free ... for a total of TEN WEEKS!! That means if you grab the early bird bonus, you will get EVERYTHING for less than $10 per week! I wish there was some way I could express just how amazing of a deal this is. I truly want healthy living and wellness to be accessible to everyone. THIS program is my way of doing just that. The rest is up to you.



 Here is what others have to say about my program. They were once, just like you, sitting in front of their computer deciding if this was the right step for them!



"I am amazed at the transformation that took place in me!"

I had basically resigned myself to being overweight. Especially after a hysterectomy left me with the bulging midsection. I happened to find Deborah's Body Transformation Challenge, but I was skeptical the first time I saw it. Then she offered it again and I thought what have I got to lose?!? Well, other than some weight and besides, it's only 8 weeks! Wow, was I amazed at the transformation that took place in me! I learned how to eat properly and exercise right. I never got bored with the workouts, or eating. If anything, I found I was eating way more! I was never one to eat breakfast, now it's my favorite meal! I will be forever grateful for all of Deborah's help.  ~ Sue D.


"The best thing I've ever done for myself!"

"The Journey to Wellness 8-Week Body Transformation Challenge is one of the best things I've ever done for myself!  Never in my life have I lost so many pounds, so many inches, and felt so good about myself in such a short period of time.  Not only that, I want to keep going.   Thanks Deb!  ~ Roxanne T.



"My 8 Week journey with Deborah has changed my life"

I stumbled upon Deborah's 8 Week Challenge and thought, why not? It was a short term investment, workouts were completed at home, the cost was less than a Workout video....and I was going to be held accountable? Someone was actually going to monitor my weekly food/exercise and provide honest feedback?! Yikes!  No more excuses...

I can honestly say that my 8 Week journey with Deborah has changed my life.  That's a bold statement, I know. Through her program though I learned that living a healthy lifestyle didn't need to be so complicated or time consuming. Each week you are introduced to a new concept, to help ease you back into a healthy lifestyle.  You are given guidelines within which you can develop your own meal plan.  It's shocking how much food you actually eat!  Daily exercise routines are anywhere from 4min to 20min long.  4min long...in the comfort of my home? How easy is that?  The weekly challenges keep things fun and interesting and the Facebook group is inspiring.  The game changer for me though was the accountability.  Knowing that my efforts were going to be reviewed at the end of every week was the motivation I needed to give this program my all.

This plan is the real deal. Never did I feel deprived, never did I feel overwhelmed, and never did I feel alone. Deborah has given me the tools I need to continue on with this journey as I realize a new and improved version of me.  ~ Karen D.


"I always felt accountable"

"Before starting this program I always felt I eat pretty healthy but I would eat junk when it was easy. With this program I always felt accountable so I didn’t want to eat the junk food anymore! It was so easy to have the access to different recipes and options for food. After the first few weeks it was just second nature to plan what I was going to eat and when.
The exercise plans were easy to follow and were fun! The challenges made me want to compete and provide that extra encouragement to the group. I really do think this was a lifestyle change that I needed and Deb provided the motivation and reassurance when I would get down to keep going!"  ~ Nadine P.



"I lost 20 inches in 8 weeks!"

"My friend told me about Deborah’s program and because I had been stuck at my most recent weight for three years, I thought, why ...not try something new! I’ve been a dieter for many years and have tried many things with the same result - weight loss, but they were never diets I could maintain and would gain my losses back - sometimes even more! So I thought, why not try this with my friends.

At first I was skeptical with all the food we were required to eat! My mind had been programmed for a certain amount of "points" and this was way too many points for me to lose weight - but sure enough, it worked!!! Completing this program not only helped me lose 13.8lbs and 20 inches overall in just eight weeks, but it taught me proper food pairing and most of all, it showed me that a treat meal is just that, a treat (without guilt!!). In 8 weeks I feel like I am better at what foods and exercises work for me to be the healthiest I can be.

Thank you Deborah for the support and encouragement!!!" ~ Tanya M.


"I have never had results like this!"

"Deborah, I just wanted to let you know how much difference you have made in my life. I have reams of paper from where I have tracked my measurements over the years as I tried one program after another. I would be overjoyed if I lost 1/4" in a month or two. But truthfully, there was never any change.  A couple of years ago I spent a lot of money at a weight management clinic. At the end of the year, my weight was the same and the measurements hadn't changed. I had made some lifestyle changes but not that much. I was praised because I knew how to maintain. Unfortunately, I gained 10 lbs over the years again.

Through your 8 Week Challenge I have learned to push myself in the exercises. I no longer crave coke or fast food. I'm also much more knowledgeable about how my body and mind work. And I now know some of the excuses I'm using with myself and will continue working on these.

I can't tell you how happy I was when I saw I had lost 10 inches over the 8 weeks. I have never had results like this!! I know that the changes I am making can only benefit my health as I get older. So thank you from the bottom of my heart because you have made a huge difference in my life where nothing else has ever managed to."  ~ Annette K.



"This program works!"

"Deborah works as a partner to help me achieve my goals. She is firm, kind and extremely knowledgeable.

Though she works with many clients, I always feel she knows where I am on my wellness journey and is my 'personal' trainer ready to encourage and consult.

This program works, Deborah's commitment to her clients may even exceed their own commitment to themselves. I wholeheartedly recommend the Journey to Wellness Plan.

Deborah is a motivator, a teacher, a role model, a coach, a straight talking friend and her program works better than anything I have ever tried for weight loss. Oprah used to say 'wishing won't do it for you.' When I made the decision to put myself first for 8 weeks, and started acting on the elements of Deborah's program, it was one of the best decisions  I have made."  ~ Jo-Anne C.


Daphne J.
Calgary, Alberta

"I am truly amazed at what a difference 8 weeks can make!

I never thought it was ever possible that I would find the strength to begin this journey. I feel so much better and I have so much more energy now.

I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease a few months ago which is why I went to Deborah
for help. In eight weeks, although I haven't had a check up yet, I seem to be completely relieved of the symptoms! I am determined to continue and get a clean bill of health. I truly hope everyone continues so that we can all live our best life possible!

Thank you Deb from the bottom of my heart for all your support and guidance.


Paula N.
Lantz, Nova Scotia

"In only eight weeks, my life and my mind have changed dramatically."

When I began this program I was at an all time low.  I had been binge eating and feeling worse than I ever had in my life.  From the first moment we began to discuss joining this program I felt encouraged.  Deborah is a very warm person and she obviously cares about each participant and their progress.  Because she has been where I was, she was able to relate and sympathize with all of my issues. Even in the first week, I was able to complete each meal, workout, day. with success. I had reached my goal by the second week (no more night eating) and every day became easier and easier. 

I love that I am able to look at a meal now and immediately assess if it is junk or nourishment.  Also that I am able to make delicious meals with nourishing  foods.  My family are all becoming healthier as well!!!  I have lost pounds and inches, but more importantly, I have learned to treat myself in a more loving way.  My energy level is through the roof!  My mental strength and confidence are now at an all time high.  I have learned the difference between eating and nourishing my body.  I LOVE to exercise because I know it's going to energize and strengthen me mentally and physically. 

I ended the 8 week program with a new attitude and, yes, a slimmer healthier body.  IN ONLY 8 WEEKS, my life and my mind have changed dramatically. I have gained benefits from this program that I did not expect.  I am so very pleased and I will continue on with whichever program Deborah has next.  Deborah is incredibly caring and passionate about helping and is always available to answer questions. I feel like I was taken under her wing and now I'm ready to fly! Really, truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


Ellen Y.
Tangent, Alberta

"I almost feel like I stole this program!"
"I can tell you right now in the remote area of Northern Alberta where I live I would have to drive almost 2 hours and probably $60 PER HOUR to get this kind of advice and guidance. I almost feel like I stole this program!
And to be honest I didn’t expect it to be so in-depth and intense for such a low cost. Deborah is seriously worth so much more! I sometimes found it hard to find the time to email my food journals but  to think that Deborah was responding to all our emails, phone calls and Facebook posts. Wow!
I was so ready for help and to do this I would have had no problem paying in the hundreds of dollars for this program. For certain."


Steph P.
Fort McMurray, Alberta

"Deborah gave me my motivation back!"
"Last year a huge change happened - my finace and I decided to have a baby. While we were both over joyed with happiness, I may have over indulged a bit too much, okay maybe a lot! Once I had my son I knew I needed to get back on the band wagon.
I had done it alone in the past but this time I felt like I needed something more.
My bestfriend had suggested Deborah's Journey to Wellness. She explained that she would hold me accountable each week by reviewing my weekly meals and give me a routine that was easy to follow at home. Hey with a new baby at home, this seemed perfect.
Well perfect is an understatement. Deborah gave me my motivation back, and that LOVE and PASSION for exercising. I realized quickly by following her meal plan that I needed to make some changes in what I thought was healthy and what portion sizes were. No one says healthy eating is easy but Deborah's plan makes it as easy as it could be.
She's ALWAYS there for support and believe me, I've needed it, and she's been there! She's told me when I need to change up what I was doing and when I was doing things right. She's changed my life more than she'll ever know.
I would HIGHLY recommend her program to anyone. If I can do it with a screaming 2 month old, anyone can!


The next 8-Week Body Transformation will begin on Monday, SEPTMEBER 9TH. Sign up TODAY and receive THE Early Bird Bonus!!

The 8 Week ONLINE Body Transformation Challenge will give you absolutely everything you need to see dramatic and lasting changes in just eight weeks. Meal Plans, Weekly Fitness Programs, Weekly Challenges, Support Groups, Private Website, Exercise Video Library, Weekly Group Video Coaching Sessions, Recipe Database and all the Accountability you need to get in the best shape of your life.

 Can't fit into your clothes? I CAN HELP!
Have no energy throughout the day? I CAN HELP!
Tired of feeling tired and crappy? I CAN HELP! 

To get this kind of service and accountability, you would normally need one-on-one personal training costing hundreds of dollars! BUT you can ......

Join this 8 Week Transformation Challenge starting September 9th for only $197


As if this all wasn't enough to get you in the best shape of your life, I am going to give you a little motivation to boost your chances of succeeding!


That's right, you will have the opportunity to WIN your entire registration cost back! Stick to the program, participate in challenges and submit your journals and I will award the 
top two members (results AND participation points tabulated) a full refund of their membership!!

Are you ready to make this the best 8 weeks of your life?

Are you ready to look back on this day and say, "I am so happy I joined!"?


It just keeps getting better! If you sign up before the Early Bird Deadline of Tuesday, September 3rd, you will receive an extra TWO weeks absolutely free..for a total of TEN WEEKS!! That means if you grab the early bird bonus, you will get EVERYTHING for less than $10 per week.




Still have questions?

If you have any questions about the Journey to Wellness program, please feel free to email me (Deborah) directly at info@journey2wellness.ca or by calling (902) 222-1353 and I will help you decide if its the right fit for you.  And please be sure to check out testimonials from past participants above!


Here is a much more in-depth video from 2016 if you are interested in watching. Most of the program is the same but I continually update and add more features each time I run one. ENJOY!



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