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How different do you think your efforts would be if you knew you had to check in with someone once or twice per week? How about if you were asked about your meals, water intake, workouts, attitude ... and then they proceeded to help you get the absolutely most out of your workout, including the most efficient exercises and the correct form? I bet you would think twice about your choices throughout the week wouldn't you!


I have worked with people of all ages, physical abilities and goals. I can help you with weight/fat loss, increase strength, core stability, injury prevention, pregnancy, after baby or general well-being.

As your personal health, wellness and fitness coach, I am committed to helping you adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle so you look and feel your best. When you sign up with my one-on-one personal training sessions or 2:1 partner sessions, you can expect safe and effective programming, exercise variety, nutrition counselling, a kick in the pants when you need it as well as constant support and guidance.

Timeslots currently available:

FULL! New timeslots opening in January 2020. 

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How does Small Group Training work?

You get a group of 
3-10 people who want to exercise together for six (6) weekly small group sessions. You provide the location (home, garage, backyard) and I come to you with all the equipment we need!

Mom's Group, Family, Co-workers, Church Group, Pregnancy, Seniors .... Let me know what you have and what you need!

I also provide each person with a meal plan to follow for the six weeks so everyone gets the most they can out of our time together! You will receive the benefit and close attention that one-on-one training can provide but at a fraction of the cost. All sessions are 50-60 minutes

**If you do not have a full group, or you are a single person with a location and are willing to allow others to join you, please let me know as I've had individuals express interest but do not have a location. I'm more than happy to try to build a group of like-minded individuals!

If you are interested in small group training, please email me with your location to see if it will work with my schedule.

Cost: The cost for a 6-week program is $500, regardless of how many people are in your group. The more people you have, the less expensive it will be per person. For example, if you have 10 people, that means the cost would be only $8 per person per session. That's less expensive than some fitness classes

Questions?: Please contact me by email at info@journey2wellness.ca or by calling (902) 222-1353.


My online programs have been running since 2011 and during that time, I have helped hundreds of people all over North America learn what it takes to get (and stay) fit and healthy, without having to starve yourself or spend hours on the treadmill. Now it is YOUR turn! If you have been struggling to lose those extra inches, you've tried all the diets out there - or have never tried any, then I encourage you to give this program a shot. It will change your thinking as much as it will change your body!
The next 8-week Body Transformation Challenge will begin Monday, January 13th, 2020 and I would love to have you join us! Because of the nature of the program (indivdual journal reviews, etc...) and because I want to offer you the absolute best service I can, I do have to limit the number of participants so please register early to avoid disappointment.
For more information, I have a full page dedicated to this program - I know most people have a lot of questions because this can be life changing! Please feel free to check it out and I promise you, in just a couple months time, you'll be thrilled that you made this decision to start right now! For all the details, visit the Body Challenge by clicking the link below.



I am available to answer any questions you have about any of my classes, programs or exercises. You may email me at info@journey2wellness.ca, call me directly at (902) 222-1353 or meet with me before any of my classes. I look forward to celebrating many successes with you!


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