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"Deborah is always there to answer questions, provide support and give you that 'kick in the butt' when needed."



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When you are struggling and feel like nothing will work for you, please just remember that change is possible and you never have to feel alone! Here are a few stories from people who once felt just like you!


Maura M.
Fall River, NS

"With Deborah's help my knee pain is GONE!"

Five years ago, a meniscus tear in my knee prevented me from doing my household activities without pain or taking any fitness classes, something I had done my entire adult life. Physiotherapy helped a little but was not enough to help me return to the exercise classes I loved and my doctor started talking about surgery. I knew I needed something different to get back to my regular activities while still protecting my knee. I found Journey to Wellness online and after a consultation with Deborah, she began designing a personal workout and nutrition plan that focused on keeping me active and building up muscles to support the knee. We met on a weekly basis and Deborah helped me learn how to perform the execises properly and paid very close attention to all my movements. She even monitored the way I walked...something I never noticed before! 


I began to get stronger and was very relieved as my knee improved bit by bit. Within a year, I was able to return to regular exercise classes and with her strict watch, I was able to do all sorts of exercises, even squats and lunges ... no more knee pain! I am still seeing Deborah regularly because I know that with her guidance, I can continue exercise for many years to come!

Because I was nervous about my knee and knew how observant Deborah was, I decided to start her Strength Circuits class to continue my exercise regime. I was pleased to find out that Deborah's instruction method in her class is not like many I've seen before. I love the way that she is there for her participants, not just her own workout. She takes the time to get to know people and learns very quickly what they are capable of doing. She provides intense workouts in a short time frame so I can get my workout done quickly and she tries to stay up to date on the very latest exercising techniques and nutrition.
Because of Deborah, my knee pain is gone and I am able to enjoy all my regular activities.


Steph P.
Fort McMurray, Alberta

"Deborah gave me my motivation back!"
"Last year a huge change happened - my finace and I decided to have a baby. While we were both over joyed with happiness, I may have over indulged a bit too much, okay maybe a lot! Once I had my son I knew I needed to get back on the band wagon.
I had done it alone in the past but this time I felt like I needed something more.
My bestfriend had suggested Deborah's Journey to Wellness. She explained that she would hold me accountable each week by reviewing my weekly meals and give me a routine that was easy to follow at home. Hey with a new baby at home, this seemed perfect.
Well perfect is an understatement. Deborah gave me my motivation back, and that LOVE and PASSION for exercising. I realized quickly by following her meal plan that I needed to make some changes in what I thought was healthy and what portion sizes were. No one says healthy eating is easy but Deborah's plan makes it as easy as it could be.
She's ALWAYS there for support and believe me, I've needed it, and she's been there! She's told me when I need to change up what I was doing and when I was doing things right. She's changed my life more than she'll ever know.
I would HIGHLY recommend her program to anyone. If I can do it with a screaming 2 month old, anyone can!



Terri G. (before)
Windsor Junction, NS

Terri (8 Months Later)

"Since working with Deborah, I am in the best shape of my life"
"Since working with Deborah, I am in the best shape of my life. I learned so much about fitness and nutrition -- the what, when and how much that was so key to my success.
The workouts are quick and effective, and Deborah consistently makes herself available to provide advice and feedback to help you stay on track.
Through her members-only website and the private Facebook group, there is always someone with whom to discuss workouts, share successes and provide encouragement. 
Coming on to one year later, I've lost four sizes, maintained it, and gained so much more - a love of fitness and a certainty that I've found my path to health and wellness.


Wanda B.
Fall River, NS

"I am now wearing clothes that are up to two sizes smaller and I feel great!"
"The Journey to Wellness program was just what I needed!! With Deborah's help, I set a very realistic goal, which I almost met pound wise but I far exceeded it in lost inches!!
Deborah helped me realize as I exercised and ate healthier that I was getting stronger, gaining muscle and losing fat.
I was not so fixated on the scale numbers but on how I felt and how my clothes fit! I am now wearing clothes that are up to two sizes smaller and I feel great! During a 5-week challenge with Deborah, I also realized that my "hot flashes" had disappeared and I was getting a full nights sleep!
The meal plan & exercise programs were very realistic & very easy to follow. Accountability was so awesome - so easy to fill out the online day sheet!
Deborah & this program rocks!!"


Clarice R. (before) 
Enfield, NS

Clarice (Now)

"I have my own personal trainer in my house every morning for however long I want her to be!"
I first joined Deb's Stroller Fit class with my second daughter in 2010.  I sometimes struggle because my husband works away for a month a time, I have two small children and I just don't have the ability to go to the gym. The Stroller Fit class worked because I could bring my daughter with me. I loved the workout Deb gave us!
Now that my daughter is too big for stroller fit, I needed something that would still give me a good workout but that I could do from home. Again, Deb was there with a great online program that I could do while my daughters napped, or even joined in with me. It is awesome!
With the Journey to Wellness program, her continuous advice and online videos, I have my own personal trainer in my house every morning for however long I want her to be! Depending on me, of course, she's all mine. Who can't squeeze that in.
She motivates you to your limit plus a little more to a strength you didn't realize you had ... especially if you have attended one of her Boot Camps!
For me this is a great way to keep my self fit and healthy for my family and girls. I even have my two year old trying jumping jacks. Thanks Deborah!


Julia A.
Beaverton, Ontario

"After only three months of following Deborah's plan, I lost 22lbs!"
"Weighing in at 148lbs at 5'2" and my cholesterol through the roof I was told by my doctor that if I didn't start eating better and get some weight off I would be put on medication to help lower my cholesterol. I've heard what those meds can do to you and didn't want to have to go that route.        
So Deborah gave me a meal plan and fitness program. Now keep in mind, I lived in Calgary at the time and she's in Nova Scotia so I didn't have her for the in-person personal training but did have her for the support and accountability. 
I think what really helped to make me accountable was that I wrote down everything I ate daily and emailed it to Deborah every week. I even put notes in where I knew I went wrong some days because I knew that Deborah would be there to encourage me to do better and the notes made me more accountable for the upcoming week.
After only three months of following Deborah's plan, I lost 22lbs! I now sleep better, breath easier, can keep up with my 2 year old little girl and of course look a hell of a lot better. It's been nine months and I'm still maintaining that weight loss and with Deb always there whether it be online or the phone, will maintain it. Thanks so much for being there for me Deborah."


Tina O. (before)
Pasadena, NL

Tina (12 Weeks Later)

"Deborah told me what to do. I listened. It worked!"
"The best decision I ever made was one year ago when I started my journey and I was amazed at my results!
I had never felt so great, ate so well and yes, looked that good in a long time.
All I did was listen to Deborah and did what she asked me to do. She told me what to do, I did it and it worked. She held me accountable and always gave me a little push when I needed it.
I'll be honest and say that over the summer I had decided to "take a little break" and wow, I was amazed how when I stopped eating and exercising as Deborah advises, how you can slip back into old habits and your body really notices.
That to me was just more proof that Deborah's program works and is a program that should be adopted for life!"
Tina is a busy work-at-home Mom who, in a short 12 weeks, lost a total 17lbs, 5 inches off her waist, 5 inches off her hips and another 3.5 off her chest!! And this was all done eating REAL food, never starving herself, sticking to regular short and simple workouts and NEVER having to step foot into a gym!


Gloria F.
Bedford, Nova Scotia

"I now have more energy to play with my kids and feel great!"
"I first met Deborah when she held a Stroller Fit class and I fell in love with the way Deborah challenged us mamas and not to be afraid to sweat!
Since the birth of my 3rd baby, I was struggling to lose any weight so most recently, my husband and I participated in Deborah's 6-Week Body Fat Meltdown. In six weeks, I lost 10lbs and 17 inches - and I'm still counting! I gained fitness, been sleeping better, have way more energy to play with my kids and feel great!
Deborah is always there to answer questions, give support, and that 'kick in the butt' when needed!"


"Even though this is an online program, you never feel alone."
Deborah’s online program got me on track with workouts I was able to do in my home, while my toddler plays beside me, instead of having to go to a gym.
The food plan is easy to follow – and instilled in me that the key to healthy eating is being organized and having healthy options available while the private website provides a variety of options for healthy meal planning right at your fingertips. As a full time working Mom and wife I often felt like I didn’t  have “time” to work out and eat healthy, with this program there are no excuses to not be able to do it.  
Even though this is an online program, you never feel alone - you’re accountable to Deborah and you get motivation and support from her and a wonderful group of fellow members on the Facebook group. Because of Deborah’s program, I’ve reshaped my midsection, have more energy, strengthened my core significantly and still maintain a healthy weight, while feeling good about my eating habits.  ~ Heidi B., Fall River, NS

"Working with Deborah has been motivating and after a long period of inconsistent efforts to get myself to the gym, I am finally on track with a new and firm commitment. Working with Journey to Wellness and Deborah has also opened up my mind to changing my diet to eat more healthily. I am feeling so much better after only five weeks than I thought possible with more energy and less stress. Thank you Deborah"
~ Janice A., Dartmouth, NS

"Just wanted to say that when I started Deborah's online program, my pants had gotten so snug that I had to squat down and stretch them before they felt comfortable (c'mon...I know some of you know what I mean). I REFUSED to buy a larger size and then saw this program. I am happy to say that now, those same pants are too big and I am in pants 2 sizes smaller. Thanks Deborah! This program was exactly what I needed!" ~ Sandra H., Fall River, NS

"I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Journey to Wellness. It has been absolutely fantastic and Deb’s support, knowledge, humour, dedication, and overall love of healthy living makes anyone want to step up to the challenge. I was very excited when I signed up for the program, but I’ll admit, sometimes I got discouraged and did not think I had what it takes to commit (and trust me…Deb commands commitment J). But then something came over me and I knew I wanted to do this. I wanted to gain control over my unhealthy habits, learn from someone who I could tell knew her stuff, and start practicing more healthy ways of living. It didn’t take long before I felt better, had more energy and started to feel lighter. There are certainly days where it gets tricky and trying, but the feeling you get when you can overcome these times is empowering! The program is about self control, portion control, making time for exercising, and pushing yourself…but it is also about feeling stronger, more confident, and in control of your body. I’m very happy with where I am in terms of my goal weight…but it doesn’t stop here. I have learned the skills and the tools to live a healthier lifestyle, be aware of what I eat, and learn to lose inches while enjoying the food I love.  The things I learned from this program will stay with me, and I am committed to continue incorporating them into my life. For anyone thinking of taking the Journey to Wellness program – Don’t hesitate. Take Control. Start Now. Get Focused…And Be Prepared to Feel Amazing! ~ Lindsey M., Halifax, NS

The meal plan Deborah provided gave me the extra support I needed during a fitness challenge I was participating in. It provided a lot of alternatives and substitutions to keep me interested and her personal support and advice gave me a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in my diet. She answered all my questions and provided suggestions throughout the program (which was great considering I live in a different province!). Initially I was overwhelmed by the amount of breakfast I was allowed to eat, but I understood the rationale and I settled into the meal plan after about a week. I lost 10 pounds and just over 2" off my waist in five weeks. Thanks Deborah!  ~ Darren J., Goose Bay, NL


When I first met Deborah, I wondered if I could ever manage to go to a personal trainer - I was scared of them! I have been up and down considerable amounts of weight all my life and I decided I would try to go to her boot camp class and try out the personal training sessions in her studio. WOW, was I out of shape! I was surprised I made it through to be honest. Every week became easier though, the weight started to fall off and I learned I actually did have muscle under the layer of pudge. When did this happen? This is awesome! Of course, that motivated me to keep going. I am now down 63 pounds since January. Although I still have more to go, I am more than half way there and I would not have been able to transform my shape as I have without Deb’s knowledge. Every other time I “dieted”, I only walked and seriously cut calories. Now I know how to eat right and I thank Deb for all her help! I recommend her to anyone, and am so glad to have so many of my friends now going to her too. She is fun to be around and very positive! I value her friendship and I know that as long as I have her help I will succeed. Thanks a million! ~ Tara D.

I joined the Baby and Mom Fitness class after the birth of my son because I was looking for a way to get back into shape without having to join a gym or worry about childcare. Baby and Mom Fitness classes provide a great opportunity for my son and I to get out of the house and enjoy an activity together with other moms and babies. Deborah is terrific, very positive and has done a great job at creating a workout that is both fun and challenging. Her class kicked my butt...but in a good way! All in all, Baby and Mom Fitness is a fun and affordable way to exercise, socialize and bond with your baby all at the same time - I was hooked after the first class!  ~ Kelly M.

Deb, you are the best trainer I have ever had. You are so positive and always encouraging me to keep going and push myself. You are always making sure we are doing the exercises correctly and not going to hurt ourselves. I really enjoy all the time we spend together. Keep up the great work, you are the best. You are always mixing up the training and getting us to try new things. I look forward to working out with you, even at 6am! ~ Kim S.

I have trained with many fitness instructors over the years and have never been motivated quite like Deborah did for me. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field of expertise. She would assist me in educating about healthier eating, making training programs that would suit my individual needs, and above all Deborah always was there to listen. I never felt like just a number but as a real individual.
Deborah had a true talent in making me realize what my body was really capable of doing. She was always a dedicated trainer to the point that when she would see me losing energy she would be right next to me doing the exercise so I could go further. Every time that I would meet with Deborah, I knew that my body and mind was going to transform, bringing me closer to my goal weight and image. ~ Ioanna P.

I decided to join the Mom & Baby fitness class through Journey to Wellness mainly to lose the baby weight I gained during my pregnancy. It sounded like a fun activity that would help us get out of the house at least one day a week. I have to say we are getting so much more than I expected out of this class! My daughter (6 months) and I are absolutely loving the classses - Deborah, the instructor, is a fantastic motivator! You can go at your own pace and you exercise right along with your little one (which never fails to create giggles and smiles from the babies!). It's also a great way to meet other Mom's in the area. ~ Lauren M.

Dear Deborah,

The best thing that ever happened to me was meeting you. I watched my body change weekly (and of course the weighing and measurements were proof of my success).
You are an extremely knowledgeable trainer and most of all an exceptional lady. It is because of you that I am now in the best shape of my life. You pushed me when I thought that I couldn’t do it myself and God forbid listened to my problems besides. (So we both suffered together!). Through you I have learned to swear by a healthy lifestyle. ~ Debbie X.

After having my second child, I noticed my body was stiff and tired most of the time. Immediately following the first exercise class with Deborah, I felt my body respond to the workout. Deborah's enthusiasm and passion for fitness make the class effective and fun. I enjoyed learning proper techniques to hold my baby that help my posture and strengthen my body. The class reminds me to take care of myself so that I am better equipped to take care of my family. One hour a week isn't much time but it means the world to my body and mind. ~ Margaret C. 

Deborah embodies many key requirements in the fitness field: knowledge of personal fitness, motivation, and multifaceted approaches to fitness programs which eliminates boredom that often comes with routines. I was constantly finding myself challenged to do more, to do better, to work harder, all because of the enthusiasm of Deborah’s classes.
No matter what time of the day her classes were held, she had the energy and drive that pushed me to find my way to get through her Boot Camp and Circuit classes.  I found myself gaining over all strength, cardiovascular fitness and co-ordination which made the classes very enjoyable. Whether it was her encouragement or her humour during the hard routines or her devotion to fitness and getting others to feel better about themselves through fitness, I am very pleased I attended her classes. ~ Jen B.  

Personally, I had never joined a gym before, nor taken any fitness classes although I had a busy and somewhat physical lifestyle.  It was a big step for me, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made, starting with attending one of my first classes which had been one taught by Deborah.  From the moment I met her, as she introduced herself to ‘new’ participants, I remember feeling so very welcomed and her enthusiasm for the class was completely moving and motivating. I also really appreciated Deborah’s patience and encouragements while a participant in her classes.  It was evident the hard work, time, and effort she put forth in an effort to ensure the participants in her Boot Camp and Circuit classes received the most from the programs.
Work outs with Deborah were always a challenge but ultimately, still fun to do which is a very important motivating factor.  Her personality makes you want to do your best, and when you think you can’t do any more, you learn that you still can, because Deborah is by your side, encouraging you to keep going. Her knowledge on diet, exercise programs, fitness routines and many other aspects of a healthy lifestyle are quite in depth.  Whether it was attending one of Deborah’s classes, asking her for fitness guidance or how to correctly use a piece of gym equipment, she was always there willing to help, answer questions and offer suggestions or guidance.
I learned from Deborah that it was a win- win situation.  I had fun while also doing a full work-out too. I certainly recommend Deborah, without any reservation, to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer or wants to have a very inspiring fitness class instructor.  ~ Janet L. 

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you tremendous success and happiness.

~ Deborah

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